Practical tips for both men and women to deepen your sexual satisfaction!

Dear woman! To support you on your path to reconnect deeply to your feminine essence, I have written ten practical letters to you!

You will receive letters on the following topics:

  1. The most important key factor in reaching orgasm
  2. Sex, sacredness and shame
  3. From clitoris to cosmos
  4. The magical button to awaken your sexual energy
  5. How to reach orgasm with a snap-of-a-finger
  6. The greatest inhibitor of orgasm and how to overcome it
  7. Highway to heaven
  8. Touching this will drive any woman crazy
  9. Awaken these three key feminine areas
  10. Exiting the comfort zone, experiencing depth

Wonderful man! 


I have put together 5 tips for you, how to take yourself and your partner to deeper sexual satisfaction! 

  1. Man’s orgastic depth
  2. 2 tips for your genital health!
  3. Simplicity is the key- the most efficient way how to induce, hold and control erection
  4. 5 tips on how to better control ejaculation during intercourse
  5. Sexpansion- how to feel truly deep sexuality with a partner?

For women

For men

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