This is from my yoni. Held by Mothers and Grandmothers of Compassion. Unlimited gentle Love, the Yoniverse, the Universe within the Yoni, the Depth, the Silence, the Connection. Connecting Mother Earth and Father Sky.

I am that. I am no more and I am all. There is no Me, there just is. It’s all Love. Pure and simple. All along…just there to be seen, felt and noticed. All is Love. All is Connection.

The wind, the cats, the secret hammock and even rock below and fear. All are penetrated by pure love.

Surroundings are lighting up and atom by atom the stars lighting up and awakening from a dream, long asleep.

I choose this love,  now and forever.

That’s my commitment.

Gratitude to life and patience for the awaited meeting with my guardian angel. Words can’t grasp it. The universe cannot contain the uncontainable.

The flowers are of so many colours. All Love. Mothers and grandmothers of the universe holding the space in loving endless compassion. All passes, all changes, Love stays.

Connecting back to the depth of Yoniverse of the Mother.

Prayer. Hold others like babies in a cradle, with warmth and love, gentleness, devotion. They are your children. Welcome to my arms. Though they are not mine. We are one. You’re my children. And I love you. It’s not me. It’s Divinity. It’s flowing through me. It is Love. Welcome, come, bathe in my Love.

For people are to be held like babies. For they are truly innocent. For they just need to be held to allow uniting into Love. They are tuned.

Thank you for giving the opportunity to Love. There is no Me, there is just Love.

The child in me has been born. For the child is pure and the child is the beauty. It is Love itself.

Gentle vibration of subtle love. It’s all around. Just there and everywhere. Just is. Just being. Just radiating. Simply. Wow.

Hot, cold, wind, softness, it’s all unique, it’s all one. “Lila (divine play)”  says the flower in front of me.

Each wave is an ocean no matter how small or strong when I see, it’s the ocean.

It doesn’t have to be. It is.

The True Perfection.

Endless Depth of Yoniverse.

Not inside, not outside. Love is.

State of It is. Love. In gratitude to God.

What is this?

What is the difference between the calm shining ocean and the white foaming waves?

There is none.

What is this?

What is the difference between the sharp mountain and the round one?

There is none.

What is the difference between the sound of wind blowing and whistling?

There is none.

What is the difference between Love and Yoniverse?

There is none.

It’s all One.

What are tears and what is laughter, what is the difference?

There is none.

The leaves and the roots, it’s the same

I’m there, I’ve reached.

Death of limitation is the life of oneness.

Look within. There is your answer.

Look without. There is also your answer.

Connected in the oneness of Love.

Try no more for you have arrived.

Where is the boat moving to? Why? It has already arrived.

Why are we going? We are already there.

Just as the fisherman goes with his boat and the water splashes and the engine murmurs. It changes directions several times. Arriving at once to stillness. For stillness there is fullness. The empty is filled completely but there is space everywhere.

What is cold and what are goosebumps? It is Love. Reminding us we are Alive.

What are the soft white flowers? They are but Mother reminding of gentleness.

What is movement? For reminding stillness. There is no polarity. For stillness is in movement.

What is the blue roof of the house? But a human connection to the sky. It is the same.

Why is the grass pointing in all directions? Because it is all directions. It’s missing none.

Why is the wind blowing in one direction? Because one direction is filling all the space simultaneously in all directions. It is one and none.

Why is the ant crawling between the white hair of my hand? Because it’s the same as grass fields. I am that and that am I. There is no difference.

What is this beauty?

The goosebumps on my skin are the mountain islands at a distance. The hair is the plants in wind. It’s all One.

What is the shape of leaves teaching us? The eternal Mystery. The incomprehensible Reality. What is Reality? There isn’t one.

Why does one swim in a salty ocean? The salt allows us to surrender. It is bitter it is tingling. It is holding us just as Love takes care of us. It’s all Love. The tingle and pinch just a reminder. The bitter? Wake up and smile.

Is the back straight or curved? It’s both. There is no difference.

Contraction and expansion are ultimately the same.

What is a cup of tea? Just a warm gentle reminder that you are Loved.

What is a desire? Just calling you to find out there is none. There is just Love. Pure Existence. Desire is an arrow pointing in a direction for you to understand there is no direction. Everything and that is everything just Is.

What is the range of motion? There is no range. It is a union.

Stillness is in all motion.

Time? It’s not there. Where? It’s not there.

The beauty in the various shapes of clouds is that there is no shape.

For as the sun sets. Or so it seems? Does it set or rise? What about in between?

Is it to shine on us the light or darkness? Isn’t it the same? The rising and setting the light and darkness? There is no difference. There is no distinction.

Do I see it or do I not? It is there just is there always. As Love is there. Shining, sparkling always. Is the sun not there when it’s set?

Are the clouds in the ocean or ocean in the clouds?

It is not to be said for words cannot contain it. It is to be known.

What is this little pink flower with so many heart-shaped green leaves on a tiny stem being moved by wind? It is Love. It is Love, my dear.

What are the two little purple flowers side by side? And suddenly they are not? There were to and no there are none?

Are there three mountain and three white cloud fluffs there on the horizon? How can you count the uncountable?

Who am I? How can this be asked for there is no I?

You don’t need to stay until the end for there is no end.