New dates/location to be announced soon!

“Thank you from my wife, who got to experience the impacts last night and this morning. She didn’t comprehend, what is going on! It was cosmic! There was magical energy within me and this surprised me. I definitely gained power from this course, as the name suggests!”

“Definitely keep teaching these courses! I must admit, you are a “natural superstar!” Thank you for this course. I got a lot to digest and think about. I got much more out of this course than I expected. It’s beautiful to see a person, who breathes in with every cell of her body the beauty of her profession.”

“I’m extremely grateful for myself for coming and participating in this course. You are amazing and wonderful! Thank you for teaching such courses, they are incredibly educational and necessary…Personally, I got what I came to look for and much more…Thank you Karolin for such a beautiful experience!” 

This course is meant for all the wonderful men, who are interested in understanding both their own sexual energy as well as the dynamics of sexual energy between a man and a woman through a female perspective!

We will be looking deeply in this course, what is it that women truly long for, what awakens their deep desire and makes her weak in her knees. I will thoroughly explain female sexual arousal from psychological, energetic, and physical aspects as well as it’s dynamic with male sexual energy. We will look into the differences between male and female sexual expressions as well as ways of how they could harmoniously still work, so everyone is truly satisfied. We will do different practices to deepen this understanding.

We will explore also individual male sexuality from tantric and Taoist perspectives in terms of ejaculatory vs non-ejaculatory whole body energetic orgasms, and we will do individual practices to take home, so you could learn to separate ejaculation from orgasm and reach whole-body deep orgasms.  The practices also support general control in terms of getting an erection, maintaining it for the desired time as well as control over ejaculation.

Dress comfortably, so you could do yoga. Lunch break is approximately 12.00-13.00. The course fee does not include lunch, you can either bring your own or eat out.

To register write to and transfer the course fee to Perfect Balance OÜ account: EE832200221061149394 SWEDBANK.