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Open up to real satisfaction and experience deep intimacy with your partner

Discover beautiful exercises to stop the mind, relax the body, and experience a more balanced intimate life, without trying too hard or taking too much time.

Karolin Tsarski

Intimacy coach and
bestselling author


satisfied customers

Karolin Tsarski

Intimacy coach and
bestselling author


satisfied customers

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Do you feel stuck and don’t know even where to start to untangle your intimate challenges?

Are you upset with yourself that you have let things gone so far?

Do you occasionally enjoy intimacy, but feel like there is more, that you want to get a deeper experience out of intimacy and your whole life?

Working with women as an intimacy coach for the past 7 years, I’ve learned that most obstacles that block women from feeling boil down to the following basics.

The 3 biggest obstacles to feel pleasure for most women

  1. Their body is not relaxed: Because of tension in the body, they struggle to become aroused or responsive, disconnecting from the overall experience.
  2. They are stuck in the mind: Overthinking about performance, body image, or other concerns can act as a barrier to full engagement and enjoyment.
  3. They follow standards instead of their heart: Societal narratives, media portrayals, or experiences can set unrealistic standards for what intimacy should feel or be like, disconnecting from what specifically suits you as an individual.


These things matter — because they are actively preventing you from truly living your full potential.

"The Masterclass allowed me to see myself again as a strong and powerful woman, to get in touch with myself. Finally, I have learned to ask myself what do I want and how do I like it. The course broadened my world view of what is still possible if I let myself be free of limitations."

Sensual Sanctuary Masterclass includes:

Theory on…

The Fundamentals of Awakening Feminine Energy: Karolin Tsarski leads a journey into the fundamentals of awakening feminine energy, focusing on deep personal satisfaction and connection to one’s inner core.

Unburdening Your Past: Value the importance of accepting your current state to move forward, forgiving yourself for your past. 

Naked Truth: Dive deep into self-integrity and honesty, learning to align your intimate experiences with your core values for deeper fulfillment.

Staying in Your Comfort Zone: Learn to understand and respect your personal boundaries, enhancing comfort and relaxation for a more natural expansion of your inner self.

Relaxing into Your True Essence: Value relaxation and enjoyment in your daily life, carrying it over to your intimate experiences.

Life is Now: Focus on being present during intimate experiences, overcoming distractions and enhancing deep pleasure through mindfulness and meditation practices.

Body Image Bliss: Address negative self-image and learn to love and accept your body as it is, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Releasing the Wild Woman Within: Embrace your sensual energy without shame or guilt, allowing for uninhibited expression and deeper connection to your dark side.

Yoni Awareness: Gain understanding and appreciation for your feminine essence, overcoming societal perceptions and connecting deeply with yourself.

Unveiling the Climax: Explore the anatomy and neurology of orgasm, learning how different nerves and brain activities contribute to your pleasure.

Conclusion – Beyond Surface Enjoyment: Understand the crucial importance of embracing the totality of experiences, going beyond just seeking a short dopamine sensation.

10 easy and powerful follow-along audio exercises:

Who is the Sensual Sanctuary Masterclass for?

  • For women that want to enhance intimacy and deepen their understanding of their own desires.
  • Women transitioning through life stages – whether postpartum, post-menopause, or post-breakup – can rediscover pleasure through this course.
  • Single women exploring their sensuality will find the Sensual Sanctuary Masterclass a guiding light on their journey.
  • For women healing from emotional scars or past traumas, this masterclass offers a safe space to reconnect with their sensuality.

"I wanted to share my feedback after watching the masterclass. It is simply wonderful how many things became clear after listening to it, deeply grateful to you! I just ask myself, where have I been? Fortunately, now I can educate myself and get to become more aware. I am so content and happy I found this masterclass. There is already so much information and practices, and it is really thorough and nicely presented! Thank you once again!”

Why This Sensual Sanctuary Masterclass Is Different

Sensual Sanctuary Masterclass

✅ Provides actionable practices and deep insights, encouraging a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

✅ Designed with real life in mind, offering strategies and practices that are directly applicable to daily experiences.

✅ Empowers participants by emphasizing personal worth and confidence, encouraging exploration and affirmation of one’s desires and boundaries.

Traditional Literature on Sensuality

❌ Often technical, focusing on theory with little practical guidance or real-life applicability.

❌ Tends to be abstract and not grounded in everyday experience, making it difficult to apply learned concepts.

❌ Often lacks a personalized approach, missing the opportunity to boost the reader’s confidence or sense of empowerment in their own sensual experiences.

Unlock New Realms of Pleasure with Empowering Insights and Sensual Self-Discovery

With the Sensual Sanctuary Masterclass, you’ll discover:

✅ Secrets to preparing your mind, body, and spirit for a journey of sensual wellbeing

✅ Easy-to-follow, heart-opening exercises that invite joy without second-guessing!

✅ Ways to reclaim your time, focusing on self-love, and shedding the weights of stress and anxiety

✅ Techniques to illuminate your inner beauty, outshining any shadows of doubt or comparison

✅Paths to enriching your life, finding fulfillment and joy even in the simplest moments

"Let's just say if you had guided this one particular practice in the masterclass for 5–7 minutes longer, I would've got an orgasm. I have said everything with this :)”


Each masterclass student will receive The Art of Intimacy e-book and a bonus video practice as free gifts.

The Art of Intimacy e-book (62 pages) is for all couples, whether you are just starting and want to build a beautiful and deep foundation from the beginning or you have been with your partner for many years and long to connect at the soul level, this book is for you. 

It is a practical book, focusing on three pillars: silence, forgiveness, and love. Following the guidelines in the book will transform your intimacy to another level. 

In addition to the e-book, I am happy to give you a bonus video practice taken from my female pleasure course. This is a beautiful practice that connects your womb with your heart, because only when we reach a deep union between the two, can we reach deep satisfaction within.

About the teacher

Karolin Tsarski

Intimacy Coach for Women

My name is Karolin, and it has become my heart’s mission to share holistic intimacy wellness education.

I used to be very disconnected from my body and simply didn’t know how to have enjoyable intimacy. I avoided the topic as it was embarrassing, and I felt inadequate, it seemed, that it was something so natural for most people to enjoy…somehow I couldn’t do it…

After many years of not wanting and also not knowing how to deal with the issue, I decided to face it and found ways to explore and open my own intimate potential.

I took my first tantra course in 2008 and slowly things started to improve. At the same time, my journey was no way linear, as my first enthusiasm with tantra led me to dive in blindly to workshops, crossing my own boundaries for many years, resulting in me being phobic of touch. I had to learn to reconnect and truly listen to my body, discover my inner-integrity and find safe spaces to explore my intimacy. As I kept going in my explorations, I started to have such blissful ecstatic intimate states I couldn’t even dream I was capable of. 

From there grew deep knowledge in me, that anyone can and is capable of experiencing deeply satisfying intimacy if they take the time to connect to their very source from which they were born, their own intimate energy. However, it is crucial to explore it in a safe space for true transformation to happen. 

To understand the awakening of intimate energy deeper and also to be able to help others more thoroughly, I started to investigate the science of intimacy, aiming to combine my personal experiences, studies in ancient intimacy teachings and scientific research and began my collaboration with the leading scientist in the field of orgasms, Dr Jim Pfaus.

In 2019, I had the privilege of participating in the IASR science conference, where I presented a case study on self-induced whole-body energetic orgasms without genital stimulation and their impact on the body’s hormonal levels as compared to physically stimulated orgasms.

In 2022, a scientific article about my personal case study on reaching energetic orgasms was published in Oxford Academy Journal.

The same year, I also completed my master’s degree in clinical sexology and couple therapy, writing my thesis on orgasms and the methods to achieve deep pleasure and satisfaction.

I’m still very much on the path. At the same time, I can say I’m grateful and deeply satisfied where I am personally today, and I can’t recommend highly enough for everyone to explore deeper in awakening their own life energy to its full potential and with all my heart I am here to support you on your own intimate awakening path.

Here are my journey highlights: 

  • 2008 I participated in my first tantra workshop
  • 2015 I co-founded a yoga school based on tantric philosophy
  • 2017 I started giving trainings on sensual wellbeing
  • 2019 I participated in the IASR conference where I presented a study done Dr Jim Pfaus on my self-induced instant orgasm and hormonal changes
  • 2021 My first book “What Do Women Want in Bed: How to Become The Best She Has Ever Had” was published in Estonia
  • 2022 I completed a Masters Degree in Clinical Sexology and Couple Therapy. I wrote my thesis on orgasms, combining tantric and Taoist knowledge with science, and also presented my courses and their effectiveness to deepen sexual satisfaction, and received an evaluation of 10/10 for my thesis. 
  • 2022 A scientific article was published in the Oxford Academic journal about my personal case study and of reaching instant orgasms.

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“I really like what you say - you say all the right things, and all women should listen to these teachings and become aware of them.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The webinar and practices are yours to keep, and you can always come back to them when you have time available. However, it is important to value yourself, to gift yourself time to reconnect to yourself. The practices in the webinar are not lengthy, as even with short time it is possible to dive into the depths of your being, relax and feel the connection within. You will notice that after gifting yourself some time to take care of yourself, you actually gain time in daily life. 

The practices are gentle, soft and safe, will help you to reconnect to yourself, to your pleasure and also reach acceptance and forgiveness to what you’ve experienced in the past and where you are now. However, it is important to set your boundaries even in the comfort of your own home and with individual practices, and should you feel any practice is not suitable for you then please disregard it. 

My best advice when you have tried everything, and you feel hopeless, is to relax, take a break, and try something new when you are ready. You can always take a break, but don’t give up. Often it may be that we need to repeat practices many-many times, before they start having their impact. Have patience and kindness with yourself. I can absolutely relate to feeling hopeless reaching intimate satisfaction and having the feeling of “born different”, however, intimate satisfaction IS possible for EVERYONE, for you as well. 
You will receive the video and all of the material in a digital format via your email after your order is complete.

If you are not satisfied with your product and you let me know within 14 days of your purchase, you will receive 100% of your money back – no questions asked!

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