Terms & Conditions

The administrator and owner of the website karolintsarski.com is Perfect Balance OÜ, address Vabaõhukooli tee 9-4, 12015, Tallinn, Estonia, email info@karolintsarski.com, phone +372 5831 3531, hereinafter referred to as karolintsarski.com.



These General Terms and Order Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the Terms and Conditions) of the e-store of Perfect Balance OÜ (hereinafter the Seller) apply to all the persons (hereinafter the Buyer) who use the karolintsarski.com e-store (hereinafter the e-store), order goods and services (hereinafter the Goods) from the e-store, including by means of entering into a contract of purchase and sale for purchasing goods from the e-store (hereinafter the Sales Contract).

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Buyer confirms that the Buyer has examined the terms and conditions of the Sales Contract, accepts these and complies with these.


2.1 Goods which have the link “Add to cart” can be bought from the e-store. The price of the Goods and availability of the Goods may change without notice. If the Buyer places an order before the price of the Goods is changed, the price of the Goods is the price applicable at the moment of making the order.

2.2 Shopping cart and placing of orders

The quantity of the Goods in your shopping cart can be changed. You can examine the e-store purchase terms and conditions and if you agree with them, please confirm it by marking (“ticking”) the box in front of the terms and conditions.

To confirm an order, the Buyer must press the button “Place order” and the Buyer is redirected to the page where the suitable payment method has to be selected. The Buyer can also change the payment method in the last stage of the order. Enter the Buyer’s information and press the button “Next”. The final selection of the payment method is displayed then for confirming the Order and making the purchase. The Buyer can select the payment method and pay for the purchased goods. The Buyer has to be attentive when placing orders as fast and smooth delivery of the ordered goods depends on this.

The Sales Contract is deemed to have been entered into as of the receipt in the Seller’s bank account of the amount due based on the order confirmation. The Seller shall not process any confirmed but unpaid orders.

2.3 Price information and payment for Goods

The currency used by the e-store is Euro. The prices are provided net of VAT. No VAT shall be added to the prices. The prices of the Goods are subject to change without notice.

The Seller shall not be responsible for any other taxes or fees which may be applicable to the Buyer and for which the Buyer shall be fully responsible.

You can pay for the Goods through Internet bank (via the bank links of Swedbank, SEB, Nordea Bank, Danske Bank, LHV Bank). Credit card payments can be made by pressing the respective payment method and following the instructions displayed on the screen.

After the payment is made, the e-store shall send an Order Confirmation and invoice to the Buyer.

All personal data that you provide us with when visiting the e-store and making purchases shall be treated as confidential information. Encrypted data communication channel with bank ensures the security of the Buyer’s personal data and bank details. The representatives of the Seller have no access to the respective encrypted data.

2.4 Delivery of products

Users are given digital access to the e-store products and services within 24 hours as of the receipt of the money for them. The user ID and password are sent to the email of the Buyer.

2.5 Right of withdrawal

The Buyer shall have to right to withdrawal from the contract (waive the use of the products or services) within 14 calendar days from making of the product or service available, i.e. delivery of the user ID and password to the user.

In order to withdraw from the contract, the Buyer shall send a withdrawal request. Buyers can send withdrawal requests to the email address info@karolintsarski.com.

In the case the Buyer withdraws from the contract, karolintsarski.com shall return the cost of the order to the Buyer within 14 days as of submission of the withdrawal request. Repayments to the Buyer shall be made to the same bank account from which the money for the order was received.


The Seller shall ensure the protection of the Buyer’s data, incl. protection and use of the personal data in compliance with the procedure provided for in the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy. The Buyer conforms that the Buyer has examined the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and agrees to these. Based on the current legislation and the terms and conditions provided for in the Privacy Policy, the Seller shall have the right to process, without the consent of the Buyer, the data (including personal data) to the extent that is necessary to use the e-store, perform the Sales Contract or ensure performance of the Sales Contract. Based on the above, the Seller shall inter alia have the right, without any separate consent: to send messages to the Buyer relating to the use of the e-store services, incl. messages which sending is in the interests of the security of the users of the e-store; to retain the data of the orders of the Buyers who log in the e-store, with the aim of providing better service to the Buyers and prove the transactions, incl. within a reasonable period of time, of the orders which the Buyer fails to complete in the course of the session.


The Buyer shall be solely responsible for the security and use of his or her username and password which are required for use of any products or services. The actual use of the Buyer’s user ID and password shall be interpreted as having been entered by the Buyer, and the Buyer shall be responsible for all the activities performed under this user ID.

The Buyer represents and warrants that: the Buyer shall use the products and services purchased from the e-store under the full responsibility the Buyer. The Seller shall not be responsible for any damage incurred by the Buyer or any third parties upon use of any products and/or services purchased from the e-store.


These e-store Terms and Conditions are valid from 17.07.2018.


E-mail address: info@karolintsarski.com

Phone: +372 5831 3531