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I know from my heart, that everyone can experience deep sexual bliss and satisfaction should they choose to take a deeper look within, get connected and awaken their latent powerful sexual potential.

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About me

I’m Karolin Tsarski.

I took my first tantra course in 2008 and have been on a deep personal sexual awakening journey since then.  I have studied traditional tantra as well as sexual tantra.

In 2019, I participated in the International Academy of Sex Research conference presenting the case study I did on myself on self-induced whole-body energetic orgasms without genital stimulation on the body’s hormonal levels as compared to physically stimulated orgasms.

Currently, I’m completing my master’s degree in couple and sex therapy in Spain as preparation for Ph.D. research on orgasms with the aim to unite ancient Eastern sexual teachings with modern science.

Simple exercises, effective results.

If you get connected to your essence, your sexual energy from which you were born, you will awaken to life. 

Anything is possible once you set your heart on it, and that includes deeply satisfying sexual experiences, you can learn to awaken, maintain and guide sexual energy to the levels you desire.

The online course for women is available here. The men’s course is coming up soon!


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