The Art of Intimacy – Ebook


Coming in summer 2024

The Art of Intimacy is for all couples, whether you are just starting and want to build a beautiful and deep foundation from the beginning or you have been with your partner for many years and long to connect at the soul level, this book is for you. 

It is a practical book, focusing on three pillars: silence, forgiveness, and love. Following the guidelines in the book will transform your intimacy to another level. 

When we start experiencing challenges in our sexual life, we often tend to look for action, something to DO to better our sexual life, like some technique, some activity, something new, something MORE. 

Instead, I suggest you go back to the basics and DO LESS. Slow down, stop doing, stop performing, and stop trying to reach a goal or expected result. Instead, start being IN intimacy. Often, the problem itself is the thought that we need to get somewhere, mainly to penetration and orgasm. Stop this goal and simply focus on pleasure. That’s it. Being together, breathing together, connecting, allowing what is. Let it just be. 

Slow down, you will get there faster.