Course introduction

This course is meant for all women, who wish to awaken and establish a deeper connection with their sexual energy, feminine essence and deep yoni wisdom. There is an enormous sexual power within each and every woman, but for various reasons, we may not all be in contact with it, there is no free-flow of this energy in our body, in our being and our orgastic experiences remain superficial or non-existent. But every woman has the possibility to awaken this energy within to experience deeper and more satisfying orgasms.


To experience deep orgasms you don’t need to be dependent on your partner. Every woman can take the responsibility to take herself to orgastic states with the power of your mind at every moment she wishes. Every day, every moment can be orgasmic. If you awaken the feminine essence within yourself, you can connect to it any moment you wish.


In this course, we will go through many practices to awaken this energy and through regular practice, we can have a much more orgastic experience of life.

I want you to connect to yourself, to your soul, to your essence. I want you to find yourself. The very essence from which you were born, connecting to it will bring you back to Life. The practices are all meant for you to connect. Step one is to let go of all that you are not. Step two to is to awaken. Step three to feel alive. You are extraordinary. I know it, and so will you.

On the path you are about to set on during this course, we will go through first allowing ourselves to drop and let go of everything we are not and everything we don’t need anymore, to connect to who we truly are. We will awaken and reconnect to our physical, emotional and mental bodies through deep yoga practice. We will look into respecting, accepting and loving our body. We will dig deeper to awaken and establish a beautiful and harmonious relationship with both our yoni (womb) and our breasts, two powerful feminine force centres. We will look into dropping any shame and embarrassment with regards to sexuality and connect to our sensual self freely and without inhibitions. Also, we will shed light into making your daily life more relaxed, sensual, open to love and orgastic. 


Theory guidances and sharing of personal experiences on:

  • Explanation of different kinds of orgasms any woman can experience
  • Role of mind in your ability to achieve orgasms and practice to let go of limiting programming
  • Sensuality in daily life
  • Yin & Yang in lovemaking
  • Yoni massage
  • Surrender
  • Giving & receiving
  • Relaxing inhibitions
  • Benefits of breast massage
  • Awakening yoni
  • Yoga and orgasms


Guided practices on:

  • Letting go limiting programs
  • Breast massage
  • Yoni yoga
  • Yoga
  • Loving your body
  • Sensual dance
  • Daily life sensuality


All these practices are there to awaken your feminine essence and connect to your yoni wisdom.

I will be sharing lots of personal stories and experiences to inspire you to keep going on your path!

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