Faking It

How are you?

Smile. Fine.

Sink into it and become aware of the tension in your smile.

What if instead you completely let go, cried your heart out into full release and relaxation and said, “I feel I’m carrying too much on my shoulders”. Release.

Being honest.

Connecting to your depth.

Expansion versus contraction.

Faking that orgasm. Or rushing into contraction to get that glimpse of intense sensation only to feel empty afterwards…

How much vanity do you allow in your daily life, where the focus is on external pretence, which creates tension and makes you feel empty inside? How much relaxation and depth do you have in your life?

Making that appearance, conforming into roles, into groups, into being “good” and “appropriate”… only to feel tired when you sink into your sofa in the evening. Feeling empty.

Are you tired of the tension of faking it?

Great. The more tired you are of externalizing, of tensing, the more you get connected to your soul calling, craving expansion, craving relaxation, craving honesty.

Seize these opportunities to get connected to your essence. Ask yourself, what does my heart need? What is it hungry for? How is your soul being malnourished? What do I need to do to feed my soul?

And by all means, don’t listen to “them”. Listen to You. Sit in silence. Breathe deep into your belly. Breathe deeply. Deeper, deeper, go into it. Get connected.

Start releasing with deep exhalations. Exhale it all out, the tension, the fake, the not you. Start connecting to your own essence. Listen to it talk, it has been silenced for too long. The tension build-up has been there too long. The faking it is killing it. Let go what needs to go and allow your true self to awaken to life.