Free Pleasure Webinar for Women

In this 60-minute webinar you will learn:

  • Why don’t 80% of women around the world experience sexual satisfaction?
  • How to integrate sexuality into fast-paced daily life?
  • How to awaken desire and passion within?
  • How to establish a friendlier relationship with your body?
  • How to be in touch with your integrity and true desires?
  • How does a woman’s body physically reach arousal?

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I am Karolin Tsarski

My first teenage sexual experiences made me believe that I was incapable of orgasming or enjoying sex. Sex was unpleasant, instead of pleasure I felt only pain and discomfort.

I was interested in sex, but I couldn’t get help for years. Until a book on tantra came into my hands by chance. Something about it spoke to me and I went to my first tantra course.

A long period of trial and error followed before I arrived at an experience that, while not directly enjoyable, was no longer unpleasant either. It was one of the happiest moments of my life, because I knew: I, too, am capable of living a satisfying sex life.

Today I am in deep contact with my sexual energies. I experience long and deep orgasms in different parts of my body and at different levels, both with and without a partner. But I’m on a journey too. The universe of sexuality is endless, there is always something to discover and experience.

I took my first tantra course in 2008 and have been on a deep personal sexual awakening journey since then. I have studied traditional tantra as well as sexual tantra.

In 2019, I participated in the International Academy of Sex Research conference presenting the case study I did on myself on self-induced whole-body energetic orgasms without genital stimulation on the body’s hormonal levels as compared to physically stimulated orgasms. In 2022 a scientific article was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine about my personal case study with reaching energetic orgasms. 

I have a master’s degree in couple and sexual therapy in Spain. I wrote my thesis on orgasms, combining tantric and Taoist knowledge with science, and also presented my courses and their effectiveness to deepen sexual satisfaction, and received an evaluation of 10/10 for the thesis.

I have written a book “What do women want (in bed)?”, which has been published in Estonian and soon to be published in English.