Free Pleasure Webinar for Women

In this 60-minute webinar you will learn:

  • Why don’t 80% of women around the world experience satisfaction?
  • How to integrate intimacy into fast-paced daily life?
  • How to awaken desire and passion within?
  • How to establish a friendlier relationship with your body?
  • How to be in touch with your integrity and true desires?
  • How does a woman’s body physically reach arousal?

You will also receive a gift at the end of the webinar!

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I am Karolin Tsarski

My early experiences during adolescence led me to believe that enjoying personal connections was challenging. It was uncomfortable, lacking the pleasure I sought.
I yearned for deeper connections, and my journey took a turn when I stumbled upon a book on tantra. Intrigued, I embarked on my first tantra course.

Through a period of exploration and learning, I gradually discovered an experience that, while not directly pleasurable, was no longer uncomfortable either. This became one of the most joyful moments of my life because I realized that I too could lead a fulfilling personal life.

Today, I embrace my sensual energies, experiencing profound sensations throughout my body at various levels, whether alone or with a partner. Yet, my journey continues as I explore the infinite universe of personal connections, always discovering and experiencing more.

Since my first tantra course in 2008, I have embarked on a deep, personal journey of sensual awakening.

In 2019, I had the honor of presenting my self-conducted case study on self-induced whole-body sensations without external stimulation and its potential impact on hormonal levels at the International Academy of Sex Research conference. In 2022, the Journal of Sexual Medicine published a scientific article based on my personal case study on experiencing heightened sensations.

With a master’s degree in couple and personal therapy from Spain, my thesis delved into the fusion of tantric and Taoist wisdom with scientific understanding of personal pleasure. I have also shared my courses, focused on deepening personal satisfaction, and received excellent feedback with a perfect evaluation score.