Awakening Female Sexuality

How to truly enjoy sex?

Sexual energy is energy, which gives us life. It is the source of life. Therefore, it has a very deep impact on all aspects of our lives. Sex as an act is not different from life. So foremost, one should wonder if they want to simply enjoy life and sex or do they want to get a deep and meaningful experience. Simple superficial enjoyment often doesn’t satisfy us deeply. Therefore, I’m personally interested in how to get deep satisfaction in sex. And then integrity within oneself is of utmost importance. The ability to be present, to melt and relax into the moment.  

Can one enjoy sex alone without a partner?

Yes, of course. This is also very important, that we would feel comfortable in our own skin and would be able to enjoy and express our sensuality and sexuality being with ourselves.

How does this work?

It’s important to make a connection within oneself, with your feminine essence. Every woman has deep within them her essence. In today’s great informational era however the external flow of information is so strong, that we can quite easily lose contact with our inner feminine, we may not even notice, how she is doing, as external obligations and the external world take the whole attention. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to set the priority to take time to connect to your feminine essence. If you have good and deep contact, then you can experience bliss.

What can be the obstacles as to why sex isn’t enjoyable?

There can be various obstacles and this requires deep self-analysis, to find the obstacles which are specific to you. From my personal experience, I have found some important issues, which definitely make it challenging to enjoy sex. If a woman is not friends with her body, if she doesn’t accept her sensuality, if sexuality is related to shame or guilt, if she is not in contact with her vagina or breasts, if daily life is constantly full of tension and stress, then these are definitely major factors, which can impede enjoying sexuality

How can one overcome such obstacles?

On the path of self-development, the first essential step is, to be honest with that means recognizing the obstacle. One definitely also needs motivation and a sincere wish to overcome it. This gives you the energy to change your habits and re-learn programming which impedes you from enjoying sex. It’s possible to learn anything in this life, and this is definitely true for sexual enjoyment. You can overcome obstacles with practice, practice and practice. And it’s possible to overcome any obstacle if you have a sincere wish.

What can a woman do herself for sex to be truly enjoyable?

First of all, she needs to do a deep self-observation, to figure out what are her main obstacles. And this may not be a direct factor related to sex. What bothers you in your daily life? What are your thought patterns and subconscious programs? What habits do you have? At the same time, it could be related directly to sex, perhaps you feel uncomfortable communicating sincerely with your partner, or your intimate health is problematic or you feel shame with regards to sexuality as such or you don’t honour and respect your body. Therefore, what a woman can do for herself, depends on what are her main obstacles.  

Tips and recommendations on how to enjoy sex now and today!

Exhale deeply. Exhale deeply through the mouth, so your jaws are relaxed. If you notice any tension in your body, exhale it out. If you notice any heavy emotions, exhale them out. If you notice any bothering thoughts, exhale them out. During sex, focus with every exhalation that you are relaxing ever more deeply and deeply until the point that every single cell in your body is relaxed until all your emotions and thoughts have dissolved. You will then experience bliss.