Magic Button for Instant Orgasms

After having spent 8 hours with a group of women, sharing ins and outs of my personal journey to orgasms, its ups and downs, having done many hours of various practices and exercises, analysing the psychological factors, attitudes and programming, aiming to connect to feminine essence, sensuality, sexuality, a woman asked me at the end of the long day, so how do you get these instant orgasms?


I was slightly puzzled. 


Reading all the feedback from the course, where women freely expressed their experiences, I also came across another similar feedback, where a woman expressed the curiosity that she would’ve liked to have learned a specific point to press to get these instant orgasms. 


And so I began to realize that this is actually a regular occurrence when I get asked a lot how is it possible to reach such instant orgasms, what’s the trick, what’s the technique? 


In this fast-paced world, we are so used to fast solutions. If you have a headache, you swallow a pill and wow, it’s gone! Almost instantly. You get hungry and go out to eat, but when the wait for the food is longer than expected, you get frustrated. When the internet page isn’t uploading fast enough, we get impatient. We are getting used to wanting to have everything at this instant and now without making the necessary effort ourselves. The very word effort is negative, as we are supposed to be just doing what we are passionate about and love in order to be happy.  Enjoy. Besides, we don’t have time to put effort and investigating something in-depth, as the mind is enchanted by the plurality and variety and endless possibilities of so much to explore. It can also be boring for the mind to pay attention to one thing for too long because it wants to jump to the next attraction, which is even more colourful and shiny, which it hasn’t seen, or experienced before. 


So also do women, who see instant orgasms, want to get them just like this, instantly. They wonder which button to press to have this instant pleasure. 


By no means am I saying that this is not possible. The only limits we have are the ones we set ourselves. I also received feedback from a woman, who shared that she was rather closed in terms of her sexual experience and after taking the course she had 7 orgasms that very same night, and she felt she just needed to allow herself to let go of the limiting beliefs that she could not. 


However, the other part of the truth is, that I don’t have an answer to this question, what is the technique? What is the magic button? For me, the magic button and technique have been practice, practice and practice. It has been a journey. It has been up and down. It has had beautiful openings, and blissful states followed by fearful closures and phobias of being touched. It’s a deep journey I’m still on, it’s a never-ending journey. It has no magic button that I’m ready now. What I know is how to connect to my feminine essence. This took time. This took practice. The practice continues. The work continues. The ups and downs continue. The learning continues. The magic button is to appreciate life in its totality, to love the journey, to not give up hope, to devote to practice, to keep going, not forcing of “having to do”, but bringing being into your doing. Being and connecting to your own very essence.