Online Sexual Mastery Course for Men +1Y Extension


This course is dedicated to all the powerful men who long to experience the depths of sexuality and beyond.

The main goal of this course is to take your pleasure deeper and also expand the definition of pleasure itself. 

It is based on Tantric and Taoist teachings as well as scientific research. 

You will learn the principles of “explosive orgasms” and “implosive orgasms”. Through the practices in this course, you will gain the ability to have a long-lasting whole-body orgasm, which instead of exhaustion gives you a powerful energy charge!  

This course is also for you if you experience

  • Erectile dysfunction (you don’t become erect when you wish to)
  • Premature ejaculation (you ejaculate before you would like to ejaculate)
  • Anorgasmia (you wish to ejaculate, but cannot)

Through these practices, you will gain control over your sexual functioning. 

This is an individual course for men and no partner is required, but they would surely benefit from your practice!

The course consists of 5 modules with video practices, audio practices and downloadable PDF files.

Module I

  • Fundamentals of ejaculation and erection
  • Understanding your body & mind during ejaculation and erection
  • Understanding the difference between ejaculatory orgasm and non-ejaculatory orgasm

Module II

  • Tantra yoga practice for awakening, controlling and guiding sexual energy
  • Understanding the connections between states of consciousness and sexual expression

Module III

  • Pelvic floor exercises for awakening, controlling and guiding sexual energy

Module IV

  • Practices to awaken sexual energy and guide it for whole-body orgastic sensations

Module V

  • Beyond pleasure. Once you have awakened and learned to control and guide sexual energy, you can go deeper beyond pleasure to true inner freedom, to the present moment.

You will have access to the video area for 8 months to encourage you to actually put the course into active practice and see transformational results!