Faking It

How are you? Smile. Fine. Sink into it and become aware of the tension in your smile. What if instead you completely let go, cried your heart out into full release and relaxation and said, “I feel I’m carrying too much on my shoulders”. Release. Being honest. Connecting to your depth. Expansion versus contraction. Faking […]

Hunger for Love

Those, who are the hardest to love, need it the most- Socrates. According to the science of yoga we are living in Kali yuga, in other words at a time, when spiritual values are the lowest and negative powers and energies are amplified. Personally, I understand it in this way, that people today live in […]


Silence has the greatest voice. The most profound. Beautiful beyond belief. Touching you so deeply. Your Soul connects, it glows. You become alive. Through the silence.        

Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder? The love of your grandmothers. How soft, how deep. Expressing itself in so many forms, sometimes harsh, sometimes gentle. Realizing the beauty. True beauty. You see it when you see a grandmother. Reminding us of death. Isn’t it the greatest to bring us to life? Or rather to understand, that there […]

Yearning for Depth

Allow your Self to fall. Diving deep into your being. Deeper, deeper, deeper…yes. There is no touchdown. Expansion into darkness so deep it’s light. The heart in love, in flames of profound passion. My body as soft as a feather, letting go. Each atom yearning for love. Each atom uniting with oneness greater than Universe.