A kiss…

“The kiss is the gateway to bliss and amorous experience. The kiss provokes erotic ardour, agitates the heart, and is an initiation to the natural gift of self.”- Kama Sutra   Kama Sutra dedicates a whole chapter on kissing. Similar to sex, the question, “Do I really need to learn kissing?” may arise. Isn’t it […]

Replacing Fear of Sex with Love of Sex

  We spent a lovely night on the warm beach, cuddling and watching the stars. As we were about to depart our ways, he approached to hug me. I jumped away in fear…   Just an innocent, supportive hug. My body thought it was an attack.    It was then I realized how much suppressed […]

Do I Need a Man?

By self-inducing orgasms without any external stimuli, one of the questions I get asked a lot is, do women need men?   There are various researchers who are looking at what determines human life quality and happiness. As our minds can prove pretty much anything it really sets its focus on, we are inclined to […]

Integrity in Sexuality

Only by being honest deep within yourself, can you experience the depth, the bare and naked truth of who you are.    This is something I always struggle with – self-honesty. I still do, especially in sexual encounters. What I have noticed, is that when I notice a program, I then make efforts to change […]

Orgasm without Genital Stimulation: Is It Real?

In my quest to find out, whether my self-induced whole-body orgasms could also be considered “real” scientifically, I set on a mini-experiment. The results were significant enough to be presented at the International Academy of Sex Research annual conference in Mexico City. Below is the write-up of the presentation which was done with great support […]

Magic Button for Instant Orgasms

After having spent 8 hours with a group of women, sharing ins and outs of my personal journey to orgasms, its ups and downs, having done many hours of various practices and exercises, analysing the psychological factors, attitudes and programming, aiming to connect to feminine essence, sensuality, sexuality, a woman asked me at the end […]

Beyond Pleasure

The nature of our mind is to attach itself to pleasure and avoid pain. Most of our lives consist of including activities to feel pleasure and avoiding activities which we perceive as painful. Although biologically logical, this does not embrace the totality of life. Life includes death. Change, which is part of life. The eternal […]

Owning Your Orgasm

“If you cannot face directly into your sexuality, You will never discover your true spirituality. Your earthly spirit leads to discovering your Heavenly spirit. Look at what created you to discover what will immortalize you.” -White Tigress Manual Often, sexual teachings are regarded as the highest in the most known spiritual teachings. Traditionally, sexual teachings […]

Awakening Female Sexuality

How to truly enjoy sex? Sexual energy is energy, which gives us life. It is the source of life. Therefore, it has a very deep impact on all aspects of our lives. Sex as an act is not different from life. So foremost, one should wonder if they want to simply enjoy life and sex […]

Exposing Naked Truth

The only moment you can experience truly satisfactory pleasure is now. Now. Right now. This is it. You can come to the now, by exhaling deeply out the tension within and being present in your inhalation, feeling how this brings you ever more pleasure… Any other preoccupation must disappear for this experience of now…letting go […]